ORGM 9728
DookJoint/Who's been talkin'...

J.C. Doo-Kingue - voc., guitar
Kevin Duvernay - voc., bass
Tommie Harris - voc., drums

Alberto Marsico/organ, wurlitzer
Fuasi Abdul-Khaliq/tenor, alto
Tony Hurdle/trombone

1.  Walkin' The Dog
2.  Who's Been Talkin'...
3.  Breakin' Down
4.  Ma Jolie
5.  No Computer Aid
6.  Bad Times
7.  Raincheck
8.  Frankie & Johnny
9.  You Can Stay But The Noise...
10.Get Autta Yo Seat
11.Always Broke
12.Bright Lights, Big City
13.When Something Is Wrong With My Baby
14.Funky Broadway